Gallowgate Artist Studios

Established 1985

Adam Henderson

'Big Love'  Brooch,  Jewellery for Men Series
'Currency' Brooch
'Distorted QR 1' Brooch
'Distorted QR 2' Brooch
'Foam Head'  Jeweilery For Men Series
'Big Love'  Brooch,  Jewellery for Men Series
'Big Love' Brooch, Jewellery for Men Series

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‘Adam Henderson’s jewellery acts as a concerned, over bearing mother to the world. Nit picking at its flaws and issues but offering no real alternatives, these flaws range from the serious to the trivial but are never meant in a scornful way, they come from a loving place.’

I create intricate yet bold precious metal jewellery inspired by transactions in the modern world.

As a conceptual jeweller, it is ideas that drive my collections and they often change from one project to the next. I have a wide range of inspirations and sources, enabling me to enjoy an experimental approach to briefs and conceptual designs. These concepts, be it an analysis of peoples’ dependency on social- media and technology or questioning gender stereotypes, inform the techniques I use to create the jewellery/objects. My work aims to make the viewer aware of the present socio-cultural world around them that has become routine to the individual. The intent is not to change opinions or mind sets but rather make the wearer consciously aware of the connections in day to day life. The pieces act as discussion triggers that strike up a dialogue and encourage conversations about the topics at hand. Concepts that inspired the work should play on the person’s conscious, bringing these ideas to the forefront of their mind, shedding light onto topics that they may not normally think about.

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