Gallowgate Artist Studios

Established 1985

Duncan Comrie

Lobbeydosser@barrasMightyfine theatre
Lobey Dosser in Last Chance Pearce Institute, Govan, 2016.
The Key: The Mystery in the Art of Alasdair Gray, Websters Theatre 2015.

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Lobey Dosser mural at Bain St in the Barras, Glasgow.

Ladysmill K6 Time Kiosk, Stewart Rd, Falkirk.

Upcoming public art projects:

Ironheart & Public Health Mural, Gowan Av, Falkirk. July 2022.

Tryst K6 Time Kiosk, King St, Stenhousemuir. May 2022.


The scenario in studio 109: A person speculating on a meaning of art:

‘Minted Kidology is a conceptual conceit that confronts the contradictions in the practice and theory of life. It is a development of the abstract ideas put into practice by the major artists and art movements of the c20th in Dada, in Surrealism, in pop art, and all their followers. True, Minted Kidology is a made up construct, but then all conceited ideas originate in the imagination. Some take on a messianic mission others flare up and wither, yet minted kidology makes no claim to lead a new mission, on the contrary it irritates, it stimulates, it annoys, it fascinates, hopefully it is a dramatic performance that titillates the aesthetic taste buds and refreshes the visual sense’. Let me entertain you.

Props of the drama:

Dadapop: Altered readymade art constructions that visualise contradictions.

Minted Kidology: Absurd dramatic performances on the contradictions of art. The Dada Surrealist Appreciation, Re-enactment and Preservation Association meet irregularly at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe courtesy of PBH’s Free Fringe to dream of objective chance, but they have had meetings in Aberdeen & Glasgow.

Mighty Fine Theatre: To keep grinning humour and wit in art. Drawing particularly on the example of Bud Neill and his cartoon legend, Sheriff Lobey Dosser with annual shows for the West End Festival at the Dram.

Ironheart projects 2019-22: Curating many projects in the Falkirk area related to its iron industry and its contribution to public health inc Regeneration of 3xK6 phone boxes into Time Kiosks & Painting of Ironheart wall mural.

Responsible for development of an Falkirk Made Friends project to cast in iron an Ironheart frying pan.

Duncan Comrie, self-styled art dramatist; drawing art into theatre and theatre into art.

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